Transformações da cultura na era digital

Este é um livro digital que acaba de ser disponibilizado pela Universidade de Tartu (Estónia). “Transforming Culture in the Digital Age” incorpora as actas da conferência internacional que, sob este mesmo título, decorreu esta semana naquela instituição, e que hoje terminam.
Transcreve-se da introdução ao livro:

“The increasing digitalisation is posing many different challenges related to a series of cultural transformations: technical, organisational, practice related and mental. In the current collection of articles, the focus of the transformations is on the intersections of individuals and institutions, and users and producers of culture. Many authors indicate that the roles of the user and the producer are becoming more intertwined and that it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate one from the other. This has also affected the cultural and heritage institutions as their role in the society is under consideration. In this collection of papers, a number of texts look critically at the hypothetical intermingling of processes and attempt to analyse to what extent hopes are being realised. The collection also looks at the active role of the heritage institutions in creating new digital environments, where the different users are often taken into consideration, in many different ways. In addition, many texts here analyse the changes that have occurred in cultural practices – the emergence of new forms in art and literature, the changes in the role of authorship, the broadening concepts of literature and art. The book is a collection of 56 articles that represent the diversity and intellectual efforts of a three-day conference which took place in Tartu 14-16 April, 2010.”

[Para ler o livro: AQUI]

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