O preço do Pluralismo – livro (OFCOM)

A entidade reguladora britânica, OFCOM, acaba de divulgar o lançamento de um livro encomendou ao Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (Universidade de Oxford).
The Price of Plurality:Choice, diversity and broadcasting institutions in the digital age“, editado por Tim Gardam e por David A. L. Levy, pode ser descarregado gratuitamente [.pdf – 935Kb].
Excerto da introdução:
Plurality is a principle to which it is easy to sign up; however, in any PSB system, there is a price to be paid for it. This leads to hard-edged questions that cannot be pushed aside. They involve decisions as to what level of public intervention, direct or indirect, should fund broadcast content in the digital age; and, once determined, how that money should best be distributed. Framing any policy will involve tough trade offs between plurality and impact in our PSB system, and between broadcasters’ diversity and scale.”