Direitos da comunicação e papel dos media

Acaba de ser publicado e disponibilizado em acesso gratuito o livro Reclaiming the Media: Communication Rights and Democratic Media Roles, editado por Bart Cammaerts e Nico Carpentier, nas edições Intellect.

Eis o índice e o acesso directo a cada um dos capítulos:

Part 1
Citizenship, the Public Sphere, and Media, by Bart Cammaerts

Making a difference to media pluralism: a critique of the pluralistic consensus in European media policy, by Kari Karppinen

Communication and (e)democracy: assessing European e-democracy discourses, by Arjuna Tuzzi, Claudia Padovani, and Giorgia Nesti

Reducing communicative inequalities: towards a pedagogy for inclusion, by Margit Böck

Part 2
Participation and Media, by Nico Carpentier

Citizen participation and local public spheres: an agency and identity focussed approach to the Tampere postal services conflict, by Auli Harju

Towards fair participation: recruitment strategies in Demostation, by Egil G. Skogseth

Representation and inclusion in the online debate: the issue of honor killings
by Tamara Witschge

Part 3
Journalism, Media, and Democracy, by Nico Carpentier

Coping with the agoraphobic media professional: a typology of journalistic practices reinforcing democracy and participation, by Nico Carpentier

Disobedient media – unruly citizens: governmental communication in crisis, by Hannu Nieminen

On the dark side of democracy: the global imaginary of financial journalism, by Anu Kantola

Part 4
Activism and the Media, by Bart Cammaerts

Contesting global capital, new media, solidarity, and the role of a social imaginary, by Natalie Fenton

Civil Society Media at the WSIS: a new actor in global communication governance?, by Arne Hintz

Media and communication strategies of glocalized activists: beyond media-centric thinking
by Bart Cammaerts.