Fotografia – estudos

Photographies é o título de uma nova revista científica que a editora inglesa Routledge acaba de lançar e que tem periodicidade semestral (vol.1, nº 1, Março 2008). É dirigida por quatro professores de instituições universitárias do Reino Unido: David Bate, Sarah Kember, Martin Lister e Liz Wells
O editorial do primeiro número, disponível online, tal como o restante conteúdo , explicita o projecto editorial:

“Photographies seeks to construct a new agenda for theorizing photography as aPhotobucket heterogeneous medium that is changing in an ever more dynamic relation to all aspects of contemporary culture.
This new journal aims to open up a forum for thinking about photography within a trans/disciplinary context, open to different methods, models, disciplines and tactics. The editors want to construct a critical space that can address the sites of production, consumption and the multifarious industries of distribution and dissemination that make photographic images so central in much of our culture. We believe that the discussion of photography needs to be developed, expanded and interrogated, along with, where necessary, rethinking the critical methods we employ”.