Novos papéis para os jornalistas

O director do Project for Execellence in Journalism (e também co-autor do livro “The Elements of Journalism”), Tom Rosenstiel, disse há dias, perante uma plateia de profisisonais, que o papel do jornalista está a mudar e que a actividade também…

journalism is shifting from being a a product to a service and, with this, a news outlet shifts from being a final destination to being part of a network.

Rosenstiel avançou quatro potenciais novos papéis para o jornalista:

  • Authenticator: Help the audience figure out what to believe, what can they trust
  • Sense-maker: Help the audience derive meaning from what is happening in the world
  • Navigator: Help the audience find their way around a story, point them to the “good stuff”
  • Forum-leader: Help the audience engage in a discussion in a knowledgeable way

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