Dez pontos para reinventar o jornalismo

Howard Owens escreveu há dias o post Maybe it’s journalism itself that is the problem. Nele defende um imperativo: “Discovering a journalism that does what journalism should do — match the needs of society rather than dictate to society what people should want from journalism — will be real hard work, and it will challenge assumptions and afflict comfortable mind sets”. E prossegue, agora, com Ten things journalists can do to reinvent journalism. O resumo:

  • Stop writing for the front page.
  • Stop treating journalism like a competition.
  • Stop submitting your stories to reporting and writing competitions.
  • Listen more closely to your readers.
  • Put more people in your stories and fewer titles.
  • Don’t cover process. Cover real stories.
  • Be a subject-matter expert.
  • Forget the false-promise of objectivity.
  • Be accurate. Always.
  • Cover your community like it is your hometown.