Fosso digital cresce ou recua?

A propósito do relatório Information Economy Report 2007-2008, que a UNCTAD acaba de divulgar, noticia a Reuters (“Rich-poor ‘digital divide’ still broad, says UNCTAD“):

The digital divide between rich and poor countries is narrowing as mobile phones and Internet use become more available, but the developing world still lags far behind, a United Nations report said on Wednesday.

A France Presse, por sua vez, lê no mesmo documento (“‘Digital divide’ widens between rich and poor countries: UN“):

The “digital divide” between rich and poor countries is growing with developing countries still far behind in the use of broadband internet, the UN trade and development agency has warned.

O tira-dúvidas (?) é o próprio documento da UNCTAD: Information Economy Report 2007-2008.