Perfil dos utilizadores de sites jornalísticos

Entrevista com o ‘boss’ na National Newspaper Network, dos Estados Unidos da América, sobre um estudo recente do perfil dos visitantes dos sites de jornais. Uma das finalidades era avaliar quem são os utilizadores mais influentes. Um excerto (mais dados sobre o estudo: AQUI):

The great social value of newspapers traditionally was that they were read by the leaders of their communities, the folks with the deepest investments, whether business owners or homeowners or civic leaders. They cared, and their opinions mattered. That’s no less so in this internet era. Folks who visit newspaper web sites tend to rank higher on the influencer scale than web users who do not visit newspaper web sites. That is, their opinions are more listened to and valued by more people. That’s according to a new study from the National Newspaper Network, the national ad sales firm representing papers around the country. The study found that the most influential users were what it termed crossovers, people who read print editions of newspapers and also visit newspaper sites. Crossovers, for example, are more inclined to be early adopters of new technology, and therefore influence others in their technology decisions.