Impacto ambiental dos jornais

Acaba de sair, em Estocolmo, Screening environmental life cycle assessment of printed, web based and tablet e-paper newspaper, da autoria de Åsa Moberg, Martin Johansson, Göran Finnveden and Alex Jonsson (Reports from the KTH Centre for Sustainable Communications). É um estudo sobre os potenciais impactos ambientais de tr~es tipos de produtos: jornal impresso, jornal baseado na web e e-paper.

Explicando melhor:

“When an e-paper is used instead of a printed newspaper, the paper, the printing and the physical distribution of the printed paper is avoided. The e-paper device has substantially lower energy use during downloading and reading as compared to using a computer for reading newspapers on the web. Thus, it has been suggested that the environmental impact can be lower than for printed and web based newspapers. However, a life cycle perspective covering raw material acquisition, production, use and disposal, should preferably be used to study the environmental performance of the
products. In this way the shift of environmental impact from one part of the life cycle to another can be avoided”.