Jornais e jornalismo em 2020

Jeff Jarvis transcreve no seu blogue Buzzmachine o texto de uma comunicação que fez há dias para a Associação Mundial de Jornais. Intitula-se “Newspapers in 2020” e sugiro a leitura.
Primeiro, uma das ideias centrais:

“I’ll argue that a newspaper isn’t even a product. Journalism is a service, a process, an organizing principle. And thanks to the technology that some think is a threat to newspapers – namely, the internet – that service can now expand in so many ways, turning a newspaper into something new and something more – at a lower cost. So rather than asking what a newspaper will be, I think we should ask what a news organization’s relationship with its community can be”.

Depois, algumas linhas de resposta sobre o que fazer:

  • “Well, first, we have to assure that news organizations survive, and to do that we must exploit the new efficiencies made possible by the internet, by the new architecture of news in the era of the link. We need to do what we do best and link to the rest. And what do we do best? Report, of course”.
  • “So how do we make sufficient revenue in the future? I argue that we need to operate advertising networks, finding and selling the best of what exists both within and without of our walls and sites. (…) So by 2020, I predict, the surviving news organizations will be built on large and efficient advertising networks. They will place advertising not only on the content they create but, in far greater volume, on the content others create. This means they need to encourage others to create more quality content.
  • That, I argue, is the key strategic challenge for newspapers: how to gather more and produce less, how to enable others to produce more content so we can build a larger network around them. This reduces our cost while increasing content for our communities. It also reduces our cost while increasing our potential for revenue. So we become networks of content and content creators”.