“Burro velho não aprende línguas”

No “Following the media“, Philip Stone levanta uma questão interessante e actual:
Since New Media Is, Well, New, And Old Employees Are, Well, Old, What To Do When The Need Is New And The Employee Is Old?
Is it really possible to teach old dogs new tricks? Can you take an older traditional media employee and make that person fluent in digital media needs? Or should the old just take the payoff and pack it in?“.
No fim do caminho, conclui:
“[…] there is still a place for the “old” dogs” with their original skills, and, yes, they can be taught new tricks for the new online world, too.

Afinal, ao contrário do adágio, “burro velho aprende línguas”.

“Marketing viral”

Vale a pena ver este vídeo feito com vídeos produzidos por utilizadores do Gmail.