IAMCR 2007 | 2

Tem sido muito diversificada a participação da “delegação minhota” no congresso da IAMCR, que decorre desde ontem em Paris. Num dia preenchido exclusivamente com a exposição de comunicações, assinalo os títulos dos trabalhos que aqui apresentamos:

  1. «Age and newspaper reading: combining a social semiotic framework with verbal protocols» Zara Pinto-Coelho
  2. «The role of the State and self-regulation in the journalistic profession: the balance of power in Portugal» Joaquim Fidalgo/Helena Sousa
  3. «Media and young people: Media education projects in two portuguese municipalities» Sara Pereira/Helena Bastos/Francisco Casanova
  4. «Discourses of heterosexuality in women’s magazines ads: visual realizations and their ideological configurations» Zara Pinto-Coelho/Silvana Mota Ribeiro
  5. «Youth audiences: through the eyes of television professionals» Sara Pereira
  6. «’Nature’ and ‘environment’ as empty signifiers: a laclanian analysis of urban advertising» Anabela Carvalho
  7. «E-participation in portuguese local goverments: an exploratory research about emerging networks» Zara Pinto-Coelho/José Neves
  8. «What is journalism and what only looks like it? Re-defining concepts, roles and rules in the wide field of communication» Joaquim Fidalgo
  9. «Illustrated postcards: from the old medium to e-cards and blog posts» Moisés Martins/Madalena Oliveira
  10. «Newsworthiness and photojournalism: a case study of portuguese daily newspapers» Sara Moutinho