Deuze entrevista Bauman

Mark Deuze publica no seu blog – em três partes (1, 2 e 3) – uma entrevista que fez em Maio de 2006 ao sociólogo Zygmunt Bauman.
A conversa, enquadrada por considerações teóricas e anotações, será publicada num dos próximos números da Journalism Studies.
Excertos das respostas:

In my view, both Castells and Scott fall victims of internet fetishism fallacy. Network is not community and communication not integration – both safely equipped as they are with ‘disconnection on demand’ devices. By many academics internet and world-wide-web have been greeted as the wondrous alternative and replacement for the wilting and fading political democracy, with yet more enthusiasm and less criticism than the market.

I don’t believe in the possibility of changing the substantive, hard and fast conditions of human life with the help of creating new blogs and adding to the millions of websites. I even suspect it may be dangerous in the long run: it gives people who are engaged, committed, wishing to change something important in the world, an illusion of action.

Are the journalists (which ones? How many?) Motivated by the wish to ‘reproduce community’ and supply it with ‘cement’? Or are they really interested (which ones? How many?) in being first to bring the news whatever the news might be, providing it is likely to sell the papers? Neither you nor me know for sure.