Fórum Web 2.0

O Britannica Blog está a promover um debate sobre a Web 2.0. Parece-me, pelo pouco que li, tratar-se de um espaço de leitura imprescindível para quem tem interesse no assunto.
Retiro, do que escreveu um dos meus ‘bloggers’ favoritos – Nicholas Carr – dois excertos da resposta a um post anterior de Michael Gorman:

Contemplative Man, the fellow who came to understand the world sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, is a goner. He’s being succeeded by Flickering Man, the fellow who darts from link to link, conjuring the world out of continually refreshed arrays of isolate pixels, shadows of shadows.
What’s happening here isn’t about amateurs and professionals. George Washington was an amateur politician. Charles Darwin was an amateur scientist. Wallace Stevens was an amateur poet. Talent cannot be classified; it’s an individual trait. What’s happening here isn’t even really about expertise or its absence. The decisive factor is not how we produce intellectual works but how we consume them. (…) It’s our mode of consumption that is going to shape our intellectual lives and even, in time, our intellects. And that mode is shifting, rapidly and inexorably, from page to web.

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