Reflectir a prática jornalística

Acaba de sair o 2º número da nova revista “Journalism Practice“, editada pela Routledge. O número inaugural já é de Fevereiro, mas o seu conteúdo pode ser consultado online, mediante registo prévio. Deixo aqui um panorama de alguns dos textos aí publicados:

  • INNOVATIONS IN CENTRAL EUROPEAN NEWSROOMS – Overview and case study, de Klaus Meier
  • FROM “KNOWING HOW” TO “BEING ABLE” – Negotiating the meanings of reflective practice and reflexive research in journalism studies, de Sarah Niblock
  • SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT – When the press errs, do corrections follow?, de Scott R. Maier
  • STORIES FROM PLANET FOOTBALL AND SPORTSWORLD – Source relations and collusion in sport journalism, de John Sugden e Alan Tomlinson
  • HOW THE WORLD LOOKS TO US – International news in award-winning photographs from the Pictures of the Year, 1943-2003, de Keith Greenwood; C. Zoe Smith
  • REPORTING THE EUROPEAN UNION – An analysis of the Brussels press corps and the mechanisms influencing the news flow, de Karin Raeymaeckers; Lieven Cosijn; e Annelore Deprez
  • RICH MEDIA, POOR JOURNALISTS – Journalists’ salaries, de Stephen Cushion