Representação da religião nos media

As figuras religiosas de natureza conservadora são citadas com uma frequência duas a três vezes superior à das figuras religiosas de pendor progressista ou centrista. A conclusão consta de um estudo divulgado na semana passada pela organização Media Matters, intitulado Left Behind – The Skewed Representation of Religion in Major News Media e relativo aos Estados Unidos da América.

Uma síntese:

“As in many areas, the decisions journalists make when deciding which voices to include in their stories have serious consequences. What is the picture of religious opinion? Who is a religious leader? Whose views represent important groups of believers? Every time a journalist writes a story, he or she answers these questions by deciding whom to quote and how to characterize their views.

Religion is often depicted in the news media as a politically divisive force, with two sides roughly paralleling the broader political divide: On one side are cultural conservatives who ground their political values in religious beliefs; and on the other side are secular liberals, who have opted out of debates that center on religion-based values. The truth, however is far different: close to 90 percent of Americans today self-identify as religious, while only 22 percent belong to traditionalist sects.[i] Yet in the cultural war depicted by news media as existing across religious lines, centrist and progressive voices are marginalized or absent altogether.”