Tecnologia e empowerment – conferência

Terina no fim deste mês o prazo para o envio de propostas de comunicação a apresentar na conferência “Communication Technologies of Empowerment“, que se realiza no dia 18 de Maio, na Universidade de Leeds, no Reino Unido.
Diz-se no ‘call for papers’:

New forms of communication have become a key tool for global social movements. Whether their struggles are focused on questions of global justice, class, gender, race or the environment, activists have found in the decentralized and inexpensive nature of the Internet and mobile telephony the media they needed to organise themselves and make their actions public. Interestingly, these technologies are also being mastered by those actors who want to challenge the national and international orders through violent means. This reminds us that terrorism is in great part a communicative phenomenon, today more than ever before.

(Obrigado, Francisco Seoane)